Baltimore Harbor

Baltimore Harbor
Sketchbook - Baltimore Harbor - walnut ink on paper
Oil on panel - 14 x 18 - Sold

Workboats at Crisfield Maryland

Oil on canvas

14 x18 framed  16 x 20

Oil on panel - 8 x 10 - Sold

Old Fenwick Tower Delaware

oil on panel

8 x 10 framed 11.5 x 13.5

Oil on panel - 11 x 14 - For Sale

Hampden Baltimore -  Hampden is centered on West 36th Street, known as The Avenue.

11 x 14 - framed 15.5 x 18 

Oil on panel


Shipping $15.00
Oil on panel - 18 x 30 - Sold

Still life with tea and pipe
Oil on panel - 18 x 24 - Sold
Scrub Pro Grand Opening - Baltimore Street. 
Oil on panel - 11 x 14 - Sold

Flick and Flock was originally a cigar tin. I have changed it to a pipe tobacco tin and added my on dogs on the label.
Oil on panel - 24 x 36 - Sold

Baltimore Arabber. Remaining arabbers, who number fewer than a dozen, besides providing a nostalgic glimpse of the past, arabbers still serve a practical purpose, bringing fresh produce and other goods to urban neighborhoods that are underserved by grocery stores.
    Oil on panel - 24 x 30 - Sold

    Old Fallsway, Baltimore. The Shot Tower is seen in the background and is still standing. The Shot Tower was a lead shot manufacturing facility in operation from 1828 to 1892. Molten lead was dropped from a platform at the top of the tower through a sieve-like device and into a vat of cold water. When hardened, dried and polished, the shot was sorted into 25-pound bags, producing a total of 1,000,000 bags of shot a year--a number that could be doubled if necessary.
    Oil on panel - 18 x 24 - Sold

    Townhouses in Fells Point Baltimore. Things have changed a lot since the original drawing for this painting was done many years ago.
    Oil on panel - 10 x 12 - Sold

    Baltimore Street car parked it the car barn. The demise of the Baltimore streetcar took place between the years of 1947 and 1963, as operators found buses to be lower maintenance.
    Oil on panel - 18 x 24 - Sold

    "Pigeons For Sale" Racing pigeons in Baltimore City.
    Oil on panel -18 x 24 - Sold

    Old Fenwick Island Tower with Moonlight on the Ocean
    Watercolor - 6 x 8 - Sold

    Laundry Day ... Watercolor of a farm in New Freedom Pennsylvania...

    Oil on panel -8 x 10 - Sold

    Completed in the manner of the Italian artist Guardi. The bridge is his which I combined to the ruins. The structure is something I made up using old black and white prints of architectural ruins.
    Oil on panel - 11x14 - Sold 
    The oldest existing market was called Fells Point Market until 1797 when it was moved to the center of the street- now called Broadway. A two story hall was added in 1865 and removed 100 years later. Located in a historic district, the market which at one time was four long sheds reaching down to the harbor, served immigrants and sailors who inhabited Fells Point. 
    Oil on panel - 18 x 24 - Sold

    Still life composed of fish on the beach near Fenwick Island. Oysters, Mermaid Purse, sea glass, and shells arranged on the sand.
    Oil on panel - 18 x 24 - Sold

    Evening off Assateague Island, Ocean City Maryland is the subject for this painting. Assateague is a 37-mile long barrier island located off the eastern coast of Delmarva of which the northern two thirds are in Maryland.
    Oil on panel - 18 x 24 - Sold

    Ice Skaters on St. Mary's River Maryland. Work boats are frozen in as storm approaches.
    Oil on panel - 24 x 30 - Sold

    Founded in 1730 by William Fell, who was attracted by its beautiful, deep water and proximity to agriculture and thick forests, Fell's Point became a shipbuilding and commercial center. About 1763, William's son Edward Fell laid out streets and began selling plots for homes. The town grew quickly, and eventually incorporated with Baltimore Town and Jones Town in 1797 to form the City of Baltimore.
    Oil on panel - 24 x 30 - Sold
    A second version of the Towers on the east coast shore of Delaware. During World War II, soldiers monitored the same coastlines of Delaware as they searched for approaching enemy ships or stealthy submarines. The towers were used in pairs to triangulate large defense guns at Cape Henlopen Delaware. Soldiers would take readings on offshore targets. Those readings would then be radioed back to a gunnery room at Fort Miles. The Towers still stand up and down the coast like this one near Fenwick Island.
    Oil on panel - 14 x 18 - Sold

    Two cockatiels with clipped wings on a stone ledge. The painting is entitled "Time Flies". Winner of several awards in various shows and contest. Painted in oil on linen, with ground powder color pigments.
    Oil on panel - 14 x 18 - Sold

    Activity at the Streetcar Museum in Baltimore inspired this painting. Restore streetcars still run along the Falls river in northern Baltimore. 
    Oil on panel - 14 x 18 - Sold

    Fell's Point is a historic waterfront neighborhood, established in about 1763, in the southeastern area of the City of Baltimore, in Maryland, along the north shore of the Baltimore Harbor and the Northwest Branch of the Patapsco River. This painting is of a Moran Tug in docked at the terminal.
    Oil on panel - 16 x 20 - Sold

    Waiting for the bus across from City Hall in Baltimore at the War Memorial Plaza. In front of the building are two stone sea horses, carved with the coat of arms for Maryland and the City of Baltimore, by sculptor Edmond R. Amateis to represent the "Might of America crossing the seas to aid our allies."
    Oil on panel - 20 x24 - Sold

    A commission portraying two cats at a stone window with variety of flowers and insects.
    Watercolor on paper - 18x24 - Sold

    A watercolor completed outside and on site in West Ocean City Maryland. The port area of Ocean City with a rich heritage of seafood fishing still is still one of the few active fishing industries in Maryland.
    Oil on panel - 11x14 - Sold

    A small still life of peaches, apples, grapes and nuts on a stone ledge. This fruit arrangement was invaded by ants brought in with the apple from a tree near the studio.

    Oil on panel - 11x14 - Sold

    Drawings from the B&O Museum in Baltimore were used to create this oil painting called "End of the Line"
    Oil on panel - 9x12 - Sold

    Small storefronts can be found on most of Baltimore's city streets. These little house/stores are open by entrepreneurs hoping to getting a slice of the American dream with their own business.
    Oil on panel - 18x30- Maroger Medium  SOLD

    The Pagoda at Patterson Park, Baltimore - oil on panel
    Maroger Medium - 18x30

    On Hampstead Hill, the ridge where the Pagoda now stands, Baltimoreans rallied on September 12, 1814 to protect the city from the threat of a British invasion.
    Oil on panel - 11x14  Maroger Medium   SOLD

    "The Letter" oil on panel - 11x14
    Maroger Medium
    Oil on panel - 18x24 - Sold
    During World War II, soldiers monitored the same coastlines of Delaware as they searched for approaching enemy ships or stealthy submarines. The towers were used in pairs to triangulate large defense guns at Cape Henlopen Delaware. Soldiers would take readings on offshore targets. Those readings would then be radioed back to a gunnery room at Fort Miles. The Towers still stand up and down the coast like this one near Fenwick Island.
    Oil on canvas - 18x24 Maroger Medium 18x24  SOLD

    A study of an Italian landscape by Guardi. One of my favorite painters, Guardi is unsurpassed for beautiful watery landscapes.

    "Crabs and Beer" Oil on panel - Maroger Medium 18x24 SOLD

    A Baltimore favorite - Crabs and beer along with mussels and oysters as well!!
    Little Tavern - oil on panel - 12x16 - SOLD
    Another version of the Little Tavern. A chain of hamburger restaurants in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C., the first Little Tavern opened March 24, 1927 in Louisville, Kentucky, by Harry F. Duncan. The first Washington location was opened in October 1928 and the first in Baltimore opened its doors in June 1930. By 1937, there were 33 shops open. At the height of the chain, there were almost 50 locations. Duncan sold the chain in 1981. The last restaurant closed on April 29, 2008. This painting recaptures the small restaurant as it stood in Baltimore during the early 60's.
    "Morning walk" oil on panel - Maroger Medium -6"x8" SOLD

    A small oil painting of a strong morning sun waking up downtown. The city comes alive early and you have to be out of the studio to catch it. The weather has been good so it has been nice for sketching.
    "China Wok" Acrylic on canvas panel - 8"x10" - SOLD

    One of my small panel paintings. A color study of one of my favorite stops for Chinese food. A city townhouse restaurant. You can not walk by without stopping in for a bite to eat!
    "Romeo and Juliet" Oil on panel - 7x12
    Maroger Medium - SOLD

    Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written early in the career of playwright William Shakespeare. While sketching in Baltimore, I found a modern day scene that seemed to replay the events of the well known story. The painting also reminds me of the great song by Mark Knobler of the same name. This is small panel completed in one sitting and is done alla prima.
    "Baltimore Streetcar" Oil on canvas - Maroger Medium - 9x12- SOLD

    The Baltimore Streetcar Museum has a permanent collection of equipment and other artifacts, chronicling Baltimore's street railway history from 1859 to 1963.  Drawings completed at the museum are than executed in oils at the studio in recreating events of the streetcar era. This oil painting is on canvas using an Italtian red ground color.
    Oil on panel - 14 x 18 - Sold

    Bolton Hill in Baltimore City is the home of the Art Institute. This painting is typical of the homes that have been restored into Artist studios that are found in the surrounding areas.